Para que podamos darle una estimación del tiempo que deberá invertir en un curso de inglés en inmersión total, favor de llenar el siguiente test.

El examen consta de 30 preguntas y ser√° revisado por un instructor de ingl√©s de ANDERS LANGUAGES¬ģ.

Los resultados de este examen, así como su información personal, será tratada de forma confidencial. Aviso de privacidad

1. What is your name?


2. How is John Combs?


3. Is it hot outside?


4. Where is Jane from?


5. The children are ___________________.


6. Where are the books?


7. We _____________ English.


8. They _____________ in the forest.


9. My son is _____________ Spanish in school.


10. I _____________ to Japan.


11. My friends can't ______ to the party


12. Betty bought _________ a book.


13. Fred _______________ the newspaper last night


14. Bill and Dorothy ___________ here last week


15. They _____________ in the company for ten years.


16. John and I _____________ a lot of coffee today


17. When I will __________ 18 years old


18. She studied ____________ in University.


19. If you had more time, you ____________ exercise more


20. I did not put oil in the car and ___________.


21. I hope my friend ___________ the exam.


22. They did not believe that Fred __________ to the party


23. I would learn more, ______________.


24. I ___________ that restaurant, but it is expensive.


25. You speak such good English, as if you ______ from England


26. She wished that her boyfriend __________ her flowers


27. Please describe a normal day, without using a dictionary.


28. Explain what you did on your last vacation.


29. What would you do if you had a million dollars.


30. What do you think about your country.


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